Welcome To Obelisk Overthrow!

A picture of a gray gameboard, with cirles arranged in hexagon shape. It is the gameboard for Obelisk Overthrow, with colored tokens drawn on the board in a digital editor to simulate a game in progress
A game in progress

Obelisk Overthrow is a strategy game similar to Chess, or Go, designed for 2 to 3 players, based around the classical recursive puzzle 'The Towers of Hanoi'. Your goal is simple- to either construct the titular Obelisk in the center of the board by stacking your pieces, or defeat all your opponents. The game requires a bit of thought though- what kind of piece you can place on any given turn is controlled by a turn based counter, and you can only move your pieces onto empty tiles or on pieces larger than them. This creates an intuitive but increasingly complex game that allows it to be played again and again.

Obelisk Overthrow is available for order now. You'll receive an email once we've shipped it. The game is currently $30, plus shipping and handling.

Your order will include:

If you want to support indie game developers but don't have the cash to order our game, we also have a kofi, where you can drop us a few dollars. we can't give you anything back for that, but we'll think you're really cool. Thanks for your support!